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Relationship-based dog training.

Dog Psychology Method

Many people think that dog training is an end result. Dog training is you hanging out with your dog and the dog responding to you. How can you say that your dog is trained if it won't do anything for you unless it is bribed with food or has to wear a leash? Our training method instead is based on having a loving, trusting, respectful working relationship with your dog. The training we do is mostly about teaching the people.

Relationship-Based Obedience

German Shepherd relaxing in the pool.

"Positive Reinforcement Training" is your dog loving and respecting you so much that he or she will do just about anything you say. The reward is the dog gets to make you happy and only expects that you will love him even more as a result of his cooperation.

Sacramento's finest dog training school.

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Pragmatic, real-life dog trainers.

The Dog Whisperer show starring Cesar Millan on the National Geographic Channel has been very good for our business. Cesar and what he does are a thousand times better than what is offered by treat trainers or old-school choke chain trainers . Anyone can train their dog at their home, but when you add dogs, cats and kids or walk out the front door, you will need to control your dog's instinct and genetics or you can forget about meaningful obedience.

People often choose us because we are Dog Psychology Method and can get your dog to do things like "Stay" for 30 minutes to an hour with distractions, not run out the garage door when you pull the car in, to hang out and not leave your property if you wash your car or talk to your neighbors, and "Heel" with the dog's front paws behind your feet while you walk, without restraining your dog or using cruel face harnesses, collars or leashes.

  • Off-Leash Obedience
  • Nationally Renowned Behavior Specialists
  • Fast In-Home Results
  • Relationship-Based Training
  • Free Lifetime Follow-up
  • Affordably Priced Service
  • Practical For Working People and Families
  • Backed by a corporation with trainers in three states.
  • Family Owned

We Can Train Any Dog

David Baron's SuperDog, Inc. specialize in Off-Leash Obedience, serious behavior problem solving, and training aggressive dogs and puppies at the home. Based in Sacramento with board training also available at our 12.8 acre DogAnswers Ranch in Roseville, California.

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