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Sacramento Dog Behavior

Sacramento Dog Behavior Specialists.

"Happy Puppy" at DogAnswers Ranch, Roseville, CA

Dog Psychology Method

People often ask if we guarantee our service. We answer that we guarantee that their dog will never get trained if they don't do what we say or practice. If you want a guarantee, we recommend that you hire the best dog trainer that you can find. Keep in mind that obedience commands are a whole other world than get your dog to stop being aggressive, pushy, dominant, rowdy and hyper. Many people like us because we focus on restoring order and making calm dogs that get along with people and other animals. And just look at the pictures, we are second-to-none in teaching on and off-leash obedience too.

Relationship-Based Obedience

Sacramento's most well-respected trainers.

If your friends got arrested and were being held in a Mexican jail and only had one phone call, would they call you? We'll show you how to be that person to your dog(s). There are no dog training secrets. If you want people and dogs to respect you, then you need to become a person worthy of respect.

This is the "softer and easier way" not just in dog training, but in life too.

Sacramento's #1 Dog Behavior Expert

Invitation to dog party.

Steve the groundskeeper here at DogAnswers Ranch often shakes his head when we tell him that a dog is aggressive or is causing the owner(s) big problems. Why? Because we rarely have any dog behavior problems at DogAnswers like destructive chewing, separation anxiety, dog fights, barking or aggression towards people or cats---because the dogs get what they need---LEADERS.

Call us if you are looking for something fairly affordable and really good.

Dog Training Based On What Dogs Need

Sacramento Dog Party.

Archie, Chanel, Kix, Happy and Mika thank you for visiting our web site!

We Can Train Any Dog

  • Off-Leash Obedience
  • Nationally Renowned Behavior Specialists
  • Fast In-Home Results
  • Relationship-Based Training
  • Free Lifetime Follow-up
  • Affordably Priced Service
  • Practical For Working People and Families
  • Backed by a corporation with trainers in three states.
  • Better Business Bureau Member
  • Family Owned

David Baron's SuperDog, Inc. specializes in Off-Leash Obedience, serious behavior problem solving, and training aggressive dogs and puppies at the home. Based in Sacramento with board training also available at our 12.8 acre DogAnswers Ranch in Roseville, California.

Sacramento Dog Training

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